Botanical Garden

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Address: Sofia, Okolovrastno shosse Str., POB 604, BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
phone: (+359 2) 967 11 05
Assist.Prof. Antoaneta Petrova, PhD

Deputy Director
Borislav Mitev

Chief Accountant
Nina Vladimirova
The Botanical Garden succeeds the Royal Botanical Garden, Which was established in 1882. The Botanical Garden was included in BAS in 1947, initially as a part of the Botanical Institute.
The Botanical Garden is a specialised unit with subject of activity:
  • Establishment and maintenance of scientifically organized and documented collections of native and exotic plants for the purposes of experimental botanical studies and biological diversity conservation;
  • public education in the area of natural science and nature conservation.
The Botanical Garden exchanges seeds, plants, and information with more than 400 botanical gardens, departments of botany and experimental stations from 63 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia.
Angelina Simeonova
Tropical and Subtropical Collections
Nikolai Dragnev
Dendrological Collections and Expositions
Borislav Mitev
Thematic Collections
Veselina Angelova
Delectus and International Exchange
Lyudmil Krastanov
Plant Helth Service